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Hand in Hand Preschool

and Infant Center

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6 weeks to 18 months
Infant Center

We are dedicated to providing each child with Love, Trust and Confidence to discover-their world, as these are the foundations for nurturing a lifelong enthusiasm for discovering and for learning. Your baby will be emotionally, socially, physically and creatively ready for the exciting Toddler Room.

18 to 24 months
Toddler Class

The Toddler Room celebrates the exciting time of development that takes place between 18 months - 24 months of a child's life. This is the stage during which language comprehension, speech, discovery, experimentation, and motor skills explode. Personality emerges and a sense of individual identity starts to form. Our Toddler class is an inviting, supportive environment led by teachers who promote healthy relationships, respectful boundaries and exploration of Indoors and Outdoors. Children dive deeper into topics introduced at the Infant Room and prepare for the Preschool Room.

2 to 5 years
Preschool Class

Let the Indoor and Outdoor adventure begin! Preschool is the launching point that propels children towards higher education. Hand In Hand's preschool program welcomes children from 24 month's to 5.5 years old. Our daily schedule is busy with lessons, creative activities, games, outdoor play, and group time. Children begin testing their newly developed cognitive and social skills, fine-tuning them through trial and error. Special stations (such as sensory, dramatic play, art, building, pre-reading & pre-writing skills, science, and math) challenge our preschoolers to expand their minds.

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Our staff is dedicated in supporting each child's journey! We provide quality care for ages 6 weeks to  5.5 years old. Check out our amazing teachers!

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